Pile Driving Rigs

Cutting-edge piling knowledge to take you further The advanced technical performance and a full range of accessories are the core elements of every Junttan pile driving rig. In addition to leading reliability and productivity at work, these machines feature a collection of thoroughly considered details which further enhance the operational efficiency. The safety and comfort of the operator is one of our fundamental priorities. Junttan pile driving rigs have been designed to ensure top-notch practicality as well as minimum amount of noise and vibration. Thanks to the lesser amount of harmful emissions, they are also friendlier to the environment than conventional diesel hammers and mechanical piling rigs.

New! JUNTTAN PM16 Pile Driving Rigs 16 m179 KW37 t5- 8 t
New! JUNTTAN PM20 Pile Driving Rigs 20 m179 KW55 t8-11 t
New! JUNTTAN PM22 Pile Driving Rigs 20 m179 KW64 t10-11 t
New! JUNTTAN PM23 Pile Driving Rigs 20 m179 KW65 t8-10 t
New! JUNTTAN PM24 Pile Driving Rigs 24 m179 KW68 t10-12 t
New! JUNTTAN PM25 Pile Driving Rigs 24 m227 KW70 t10-12
New! JUNTTAN PM25H Pile Driving Rigs 25 m280 KW78 t10-15 t
New! JUNTTAN PM28 Pile Driving Rigs 28 m283 KW90 t10 -18 t
New! JUNTTAN PM30 Pile Driving Rigs 32 m280 KW110 t12 - 20