SPATHARAS GROUP SMPC has been established as one of the largest companies on import - export and trade in cranes and heavy equipment worldwide. Because of the wide recognition, major construction companies and equipment rental companies that operate internationally have assigned SPATHARAS GROUP SMPC to plan the modernization and procurement of their equipment.


Our company trades of a broad range of machinery, from the most famous European European brands:

•   Mobile cranes, all terrain ,crawler, rough terrain, port cranes, truck, truck with lattice boom , draglines, tele-handlers, pile drivers foundation machines  floating cranes, material handling at any type and size
Floating drills, barges
•   Specialized Machinery used from companies that are engaged with environmental technologies, recycling, waste management and treatment
•    All types of spare parts

Product Benefits

The products of SPATHARAS GROUP SMPC beyond the guaranteed quality are always selected based on criteria best appropriate regarding the application in the most competitive prices worldwide. The global market obligates every company, from the largest to the smallest, to consider the most flexible available options.  Thus, our commitment is to look at every possible scenario through which our customers can merit unique privileges and services of the industry.

Our Philosophy

The central idea of the philosophy on which SPATHARAS GROUP SMPC was established right from the beginning is that services to every customer can’t and shouldn’t be bounded. Based on our experience we can say that many times we think and work in accordance with needs and requirements our clients themselves have not yet processed. The analysis and the final proposal will ensure the successful cooperation; we always share our customers’ perspective and propose the most completed solutions. The main objective is also common: each investment should ensure the successful development of the company in accordance with the objectives and tasks which are required each time to be processed.

Innovations in the field of Machinery

The SPATHARAS GROUP SMPC is not just an observer to the developments in the area, but have specific thesis on all issues concerning the industry of lifting equipment and machinery which are expressed through its presence in European and international forums.

The main objective of the company was to set a single framework regarding the services in procurement, transport and technical support in terms of lifting machinery and equipment for constructive projects to guarantee both quality services and products. The effort is continuous as the global market requires constant vigilance and awareness of all matters concerning the sector of machinery to meet the needs of all sorts of technical projects

SPATHARAS GROUP SMPC provides full support in spare parts, maintenance and service with one additional special service-on site.  That service includes support in lifting equipment on site with special mobile equipment tools and fully trained personnel. 

SPATHARAS GROUP SMPC is currently targeting at the most complete range of competitive products for every special sector. 
SENNEBOGEN MACHINENFABRIK GMBH, και ORLACO B.V product are now provided in Greece, Cyprus by SPATHARAS GROUP SMPC

After the buy of machinery...

Usually the sale of equipment concludes the procedure for safe transportation and delivery to our clients. Our company implements all the procedures that can ensure the quality of both new and used equipment and there is always available after sales service. The market needs and competition among companies at all levels yield the appropriate equipment rarely the only requirement to be enough for a company to have the desired profits. SPATHARAS GROUP SMPC knowing its customers’ equipment in Greece and abroad is able to update and propose cooperation to customers. Because of our position and our activity in the area, companies and organizations often address us to recommend them companies with suitable equipment concerning their construction projects. The role of our company at this level is supportive in terms of the improvement of the conditions to which our customers are asked to meet in resemblance with the services they provide.